Hosta of the Month

April 2006


H. 'June' at Shades of Green photographed after a recent evening rain  

Why we chose this hosta...

We want to feature 'June' in April!  It's our most popular hosta...

This month, we're going to keep things simple.  How can one not appreciate the beauty of this striking hosta in the picture above?  We'll allow the beauty of 'June' to speak for itself.  Take a minute to appreciate the beautiful variegation in the photos we've taken at Shades of Green. 

Features of this hosta...

When choosing hostas, leaf substance is important.  More important than that is how beautiful and appealing a particular variety is to the eye!  These are two factors we use in selecting varieties to offer at Shades of Green.  June definitely meets these criteria.  Not only does 'June' have good substance, but we feel it is one of the most beautifully variegated varieties available on the market.  Notice the striking, subtle color combination visible in each and every leaf.  At Shades of Green, we've planted 'June' throughout our display beds because it's one of our favorites!  We assure you that visitors to your garden will admire this variety, too!  



This photo of 'June' taken at Shades of Green in mid-spring shows the early yellow coloration as the plant emerges.  As 'June' matures, as is evident in the top and bottom photos, the variegation in each leaf becomes more prominent.  June will grow beautifully with morning sun and dappled shade throughout the peak of the day.  In more shade, its colors are soft and subtle.  With more sunlight the center retains a soft, yellow glow.  'June' is a sport of the classic hosta 'Halcyon' and these compliment each other very well.  

Just look at the beautiful variegation of this close-up!    

'June' is available at Shades of Green!

We hope this information is helpful! 

Tim and Bonnie