Hosta of the Month

January 2006

H. 'Striptease'

2005 Hosta of the Year!

H. 'Striptease' in the display gardens

at Shades of Green

We started our season with 'Striptease' as our first hosta of the month because it is has been chosen as 2005 Hosta of the Year!  As you can see in the picture above, each leaf has a dark green margin with a lighter center.  When it breaks dormancy in spring, the entire leaf emerges medium green.  Throughout the growing season, the leaf center lightens, becoming a soft buttery yellow color by late summer.  A unique white "strip"  separates the green and gold areas, giving this unique hosta its name. This variety is in demand due to its intriguing appearance.  We can't say enough about this wonderful hosta.  It has many great qualities, including its durability, good growth rate and overall appearance.  

'Striptease' is more widely available on the market this year, whereas in the past it was primarily a hosta specimen for the collector.  We describe this hosta as a medium sized variety, however under ideal growing conditions this hosta may grow large, depending on soil and light conditions.  'Striptease' is a sport of the popular hosta 'Gold Standard' that was introduced to the market by Cindy and Rick Thompson of New York state.  Unfortunately, Rick died from cancer, but left the world a wonderful legacy...'Striptease'.    

Available at Shades of Green!

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