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Indicates varieties we highly recommend

Abba Dabba Do - Large. An outstanding sport of ‘Sun Power’ with a dark green leaf center edged with gold with an upright growth habit.  Leaves are wavy, have substance and the pointed tips twist slightly. Tolerates more sun.   $18.00

Abby - Small. A ‘Gold Drop’ sport with a dark green leaf center and a gold margin. Multiplies rapidly. Makes a nice compact clump. A great hosta for edging. Very nice for the small garden.   $8.00

Abiqua Drinking Gourd - Medium. Blue, deeply cupped leaves that add an interesting texture to your garden foliage; has a powdery blue undercoating; unique and hard to find.   $18.00

Abiqua Moonbeam - Medium. A rapid growing sport of ‘August Moon’; blue-green heart shaped leaves boast a wide irregular lighter green margin that turns yellow later in the season.   $12.00

Adrian's Glory - Medium.  $22

Alex Summers - Large.  A sport of the beloved ‘Gold Regal,’ this beautifully variegated hosta is sure to get attention.  It has a beautiful upright, vase-shaped form with dark green leaves edged with light green early in the season, changing to gold.  This hosta adds height and beauty to the garden and tolerates more sunlight.  $20.00

Allan P. McConnell - Small. A dark green hosta with lance-shaped leaves and a narrow white edge; nice for edging.   $8.00

Allegan Fog - Small.  This distinctive hosta changes in appearance throughout the season.  Green leaves emerge slightly twisted and display a speckled green and white center.  This variety exhibits unusual variegation and should be placed in the front of the shade border where it can be appreciated.  $20.00

Alligator Shoes - Medium.  As its name suggests, the leaves of this newer hosta are crinkled, textured and of good substance.  The frosty blue-green wedge shaped leaves twist at the tip and have a narrow white margin.  Upright growth.  $20.00        

Alvatine Taylor - Large. A beautifully variegated new hosta with elongated blue leaves edged with gold. This variety has excellent substance.   $16.00

Amber Tiara - Small.  This small hosta is a welcome splash of color in spring.  It is the all gold form of 'Grand Tiara' with almost “neon” coloration.  Leaves have good substance, but foliage gradually becomes more dull as the season progresses.  Dark purple and white striped flowers form in abundance in July and August.  $18.00

American Halo - Large.  A choice selection and award winner, this hosta variety is known for its large blue leaves edged with a very wide creamy-white margin.  The clump will grow very large and is sure to be noticed.  $24.00   


H. 'American Halo'

American Icon PP#17,441 - Large.  This new hosta has potential!  This variety is a sport of the spectacular hosta 'Choo Choo Train' and will grow into a great specimen.  Green leaves have a wide gold edge and a beautifully rippled margin.  If grown in more shade, the contrast between the two colors will make this a real standout in any shade garden.  $30.00   

American Sweetheart - Medium.  This hosta, newer to the market, is the tetraploid version of ‘Sea Thunder,’ with thicker substance and a wider glossy, dark green margin with an irregular white center.  This plant also has upright form.  $22.00

Amy Elizabeth Small. This variety has small light green leaves encircled by a narrow darker green margin; leaf centers change to yellow later in the summer and have good substance.    $22.00

Antioch - Large. Dark green pointed leaves with a streaky white edge. Makes a large, eye-catching clump when mature.   $10.00

Aqua Velva - Large. Extremely corrugated blue leaves of thick substance turn a shiny dark green in summer.  This variety is frequently pointed out by our garden visitors.   $20.00

Arc de Triomphe -   Large.  This very new variegated hosta has dark green leaves, a variable yellow margin and prominent veins.  Leaves are pointed and cascade downward, forming a large mound of graceful arching leaves.  $24.00

Aristocrat PP# 11,286 - Medium. An EXCELLENT cream margined sport of ‘Hadspen Blue' with heart-shaped, powdery blue leaves of superb substance. It's a real standout! Flowers are pale lavender to white.   $20.00

H. 'Aristocrat'

at Shades of Green

Aspen Gold - Medium. Round and puckered gold leaves of great substance characterize this appealing hosta variety from the Tokudama line. This is a very fine gold.   $12.00

Atlantis PP#17,093 - Large.  $30.  

August Beauty - Medium. With its yellow margins on light green leaves, this  sport of ‘August Moon’ has good substance and tolerates more sunlight.   $14.00

August Moon - Medium. Bright yellow leaves are crinkled and hold their color well all summer.   This hosta quickly forms a nice clump and tolerates more sun. A real classic gold.   $6.00

Aurora Borealis - Large. Large, frosty blue-green leaves are  puckered and have a gold margin. This selection is similar to ‘Frances Williams.’   $12.00

Aztec Treasure - Small. A nice chartreuse hosta with heart-shaped leaves that eventually turn bright gold. A real garden treasure.   $20.00

Azure Snow – Medium. Powdery blue-green leaves have good substance and white underside.  Quite rare and unusual.   $22.00

Baby Bunting - Dwarf. A tiny award winning blue-green hosta which forms a dense, symmetrical mound.  This is the mama plant to the fantastic miniature hostas 'Pandora's Box', 'Hope', 'Cameo' and 'Cherish'.  'Baby Bunting makes an excellent companion plant to these other little gems.   $12.00

Beckoning - PPAF Large.  We're excited about offering this new hosta.  It's a sport of the glamorous 'Blue Angel' with large, gold heart-shaped  leaves edged with an irregular blue-green rippled margin.  Leaves are glaucous in appearance and contrast nicely with green or blue hostas.  $24.00    

Big Daddy - Large. A deep blue hosta with round, very puckered leaves that develops into a large specimen plant. Leaves have excellent substance, though the growth rate is slow.  (Limited)  $15.00

Big John - Very Large.  The name says it all!  This hosta is grown simply for it’s size and may grow to over six feet!  Huge, medium green leaves with parallel veins eventually form a massive specimen.  Be sure to give this hosta plenty of room to grow.   $24.00

Bill Brinka (opipara) - Medium.  This classy selection of the species 'opipara' has bright green leaves with a wide, variable yellow-green margin which turns to cream later in the season.  Leaves are glossy, making this hosta stand out from the rest, and occasionally there may be some gray-green streaking into the center.  $20.00

Birchwood Parky's Gold - Medium.  This hosta has soft, powdery golden leaves and subtle ruffles, forming a nicely formed compact clump.  This hosta holds its color all season and displays lavender flowers.  $8.00

Bitsy Gold – Dwarf. Narrow golden leaves form a small, dense low growing mound; a longissima type for the front of the hosta bed and a great gold selection for the miniature hosta bed.   $12.00

Black Hills - Large. This form has very dark green round, corrugated leaves that form a large specimen plant; excellent for its dark green color and texture.  An award winning dark green hosta.   $15.00

Blazing Saddles - Medium.  The large, oblong, puckered and cupped green leaves of this new hosta have a nice creamy-white margin and the green portion of the leaf darkens later in the season.  This seedling of 'Blue Umberllas' heritage assures us it will be a splendid, upright grower.  $20.00  

Blue Angel - Very Large.  Heavily textured, chalky blue leaves forming a massive specimen; one of the largest blues available. A must for every garden.  No better hosta for the money.   $12.00

H. 'Blue Angel'

Blue Arrow - Medium. Lance-shaped, pointed blue leaves eventually turn a shiny green in summer; with maturity this hosta forms a symmetrical clump.   $10.00

Blue Blazes - Large. Blue-green, rounded and crinkled leaves are sure to draw attention simply because of their size.  Blooms are lavender. 'Blue Blazes' has a good growth rate.   $20.00

Blue Blush - Small. A dark blue hosta with lance-shaped leaves. A nice small blue; forms a compact clump.   $15.00

Blue Cadet – Medium. Blue-green leaves form a compact, flat growing clump; good growth rate with bell shaped lavender flowers.   $10.00

Blue Chip - Small.  This rare small hosta has very powdery, deeply cupped blue-green heart-shaped leaves.  Slow growing, but forms a low mound-like clump.  $50.00  

Blue Diamond – Medium. Forms a nice mound of intense blue foliage, and a larger variety of the tardiana group with good substance.   $16.00

Blue Dimples - Medium. Very blue, pointed leaves that form a nice mound. A nice edging plant for the garden.   $10.00

Blue Ice – Small. This newer miniature blue has very thick, cupped powdery-blue leaves and tiny near white flowers. Attractive by name and appearance, this variety is sure to draw attention! Cute.   (Limited)  $20.00

Blue Jay - Medium. New and RARE, this is by far the best BLUE hosta available.  Extremely blue heart-shaped leaves have excellent substance and attractive white bell-shaped flowers rise just above the foliage.  Outstanding!  This hosta knocked our socks off last fact, they're still hanging in the tree!   $20.00

H. 'Blue Jay'

at Shades of Green

Blue Mammoth - Very Large. A powdered blue giant hosta which quickly grows into a large specimen. This is a very impressive specimen hosta!   $15.00

Blue Moon - Dwarf. A very small blue variety with chalky, heart-shaped leaves of great substance. The small white flowers and miniature size of this cute hosta make it suitable for the miniature garden.   $12.00

H. 'Blue Moon'

Blue Mouse Ears - Dwarf.  This hosta quickly rose in popularity since being introduced.  The name alone is cute!  Round, tiny blue-gray leaves form a compact little clump and have very good substance.  Selected by the American Hosta Grower's Association as 2008 Hosta of the Year and the first miniature hosta since 'Hosta of the Year' began in 1996!  $18.00  

Blue Seer - Medium. Intensely blue puckered leaves hold their blue color well; a hosta of sieboldiana heritage and a very good blue.   $12.00

Blue Shadows - Medium. A rare hosta with very crinkled blue-green leaves of great substance that have a lighter center which turns yellow with more sunlight. The variegation pattern is subtle. Beautiful!   $18.00

Blue Sliver - Dwarf. This new and rare miniature forms an attractive clump of blue, wedge-shaped leaves of good substance.  This variety makes a nice addition to our list of miniatures.  $40.00

Blue Umbrellas - Large. This large clump forming type has shiny green leaves in summer. Its fast growth rate  results in a huge clump for the background.   $12.00

Blue Wedgwood - Medium. A choice blue with chalky, wedge-shaped leaves of heavy substance. A choice classic blue.   $9.00

Bold Edger - Medium. A showy clump consisting of medium green leaves with a very streaky white margin. Very showy when mature.   $12.00

Brave Amherst – Medium. RARE. Rounded blue-green leaves emerge with a gold margin that later turns to cream and are thick with substance.  A new variety boasting a colorful combination of blue and gold.   $20.00

Bridegroom - Medium.  An extremely unique specimen hosta.  The tips of the heart-shaped green leaves curl noticeably upward while the sides appear to be pulled downward.  This effect gives the leaves a "stretched" or "erect" look (which actually explains its given name!).  $22.00       

Bright Lights - Medium. A vigorous Tokudama variety. Leaves have a beautiful variegation pattern with a streaky blue margin, forming a real eye-catching mound! Truly bright in the morning sun!   $15.00

H. 'Bright Lights'

Brim Cup - Small. Charming! Medium green, cupped, rounded leaves have a wide white edge.  A great small hosta with a fast growth rate, though the first flush of leaves emerge very crinkled.   $12.00

Brother Ronald - Medium. Chalky, blue-green flat leaves. This one is popular for its dense clusters of very pretty near white flowers.   (Limited)  $15.00

Camelot - Medium. A nice blue of tardiana heritage; very heart-shaped leaves with great substance. This blue forms a dense, compact clump.   $12.00

Cameo - Dwarf.  A new sport of the miniature hosta ‘Baby Bunting' with  light yellow margins that change to cream throughout the season.  This very cute hosta has beautiful variegation for a miniature and develops into a nice, tidy clump$20.00

Captain Kirk - Medium.  This amazing new sport of the popular H. 'Gold Standard' is believed to be a tetraploid hosta featuring a wonderful wide golden center surrounded by a wide dark green edge. As with H. 'Gold Standard,' the contrast between the leaf center and margin is very appealing.  $20.00

Carnival - Large. An excellent hosta with a wide irregular yellow margin which streaks to the center. The margin changes throughout the season, turning a buttery yellow color.  Unique.    $15.00

Cascades – Medium. An exceptional, eye-catching variety with white centered leaves with dark green borders. Leaves are pointed and cascade downward; clump forms an upright mound with pure white flowers.    $20.00

Cat and Mouse - Small.  $25

Cathedral Windows PP#17,295 - Large.  $30

Cheatin Heart - Dwarf. This is another cute dwarf hosta with bright gold heart shaped leaves that have a slightly wavy margin.  With more sun, the leaves of this hosta can turn orange-gold.  This hosta is a bright addition to any miniature collection or for planting in the front of the border.   $15.00

Cherish - Dwarf.  Here is yet another stunning sport of the popular mini hosta 'Baby Bunting' that has tiny, spoon-sized yellow leaves with a very attractive streaky blue-green margin.  The cute size of this beauty and nice contrast between the leaf center and margin make this one striking addition for planting on the edge of any shade garden and is sure to draw attention.  $20.00    

Cherry Berry - Medium. This is one STRIKING hosta! Lance-shaped leaves have margins of dark and light green streaking into a creamy white center; lavender flowers are produced on tall red stems.   $18.00

Cherub – Small. Heart-shaped leaves of good substance are green and have a wide irregular white margin. A cute hosta introduction!   $18.00

Chinese Sunrise - Medium. Glossy, lanceolate chartreuse to gold leaves have a thin dark green edge early in the season. This clump forms a symmetrical mound with leaves that fade to all green in summer.   $7.00

Choo Choo Train – Very Large. This new specimen hosta will grow into a huge clump of large, nicely veined golden leaves with a dramatic ruffled edge. This variety will reach six feet across at maturity.   $28.00

Christmas Pageant - Medium.  $24.00

Christmas Tree - Large. Large, frosty dark green, puckered, round leaves with a creamy white edge; forms a very nice large mound. Lavender flowers. A vigorous grower. An exceptional value.   $12.00

Citation – Medium. A unique hosta with its beautiful coloration of light green leaves with wide, irregular creamy margins; superb growth rate; white flowers.   $18.00

Climax - Large.  A sport of 'High Noon' with dark green leaves edged with a bright gold margin.  This variety will grow upright and stand tall among other shade plants.  Leaves of this hosta become more like grandma and grandpa...more puckered with maturity!  $20.00

Clovelly PPAF - Medium.  $30

Coquette - Small. The unique egg-shaped, medium green leaves of this hard to find variety have a nice wide, stable whitish margin.   $15.00

Country Mouse - Dwarf.  $28

Cracker Crumbs - Dwarf.  Another mini hosta on the market with a very cute name.  Golden leaves of this 'Shiny Penny' sport are edged with a very clean dark green margin, making for one little compact clump.  It's small size and beautiful coloration make this one little gem for a special location in any shade garden.  $20.00

Crepe Suzette - Small. A cute small hosta. Dark green leaves have white margins which streak into the center of the leaf.   $12.00

Crusader - Small. Dark green heart-shaped leaves of good substance have a very irregular white margin.  This one tolerates more sun and multiplies rapidly; a good hosta for use in edging.   $10.00

Dancing In the Rain - PP# 15,977  Medium.  A new sport of H. 'Blue Umbrellas' with beautiful pure white centers and a blue margin which often streaks into the center. The thick leaves offer great slug resistance.  White centered, blue-green leaves with thick substance.  Inquire with us about the availability of this hosta.  $24.00

Dark Shadows - Large.  There are a limited number of hostas which have truly subtle variegation patterns and this variety is one of the newest on the market.  Large heart-shaped leaves are held horizontally and emerge blue in the spring.  As the season progresses, the streaky margin changes from light green to chartreuse and the overall appearance of this plant makes it one striking addition for the collector.  $25.00      

Dark Star – Medium. With narrow, blue pointed leaves beautifully edged in cream, this fancy grower forms a symmetrical mound. A real beauty!   $15.00

Daybreak - Medium. A very deep gold with heavy veining. Excellent for use in brightening dark areas or combining with blue hostas. Very bright! A choice gold.   $12.00

Deja Blu - $25.00

Devon Green - Medium.  This dark green variety is worthy due to its very glossy, pointed, thick deeply veined leaves.  Good substance.  Nice for the front of the shaded bed combined with variegated hostas.  $16.00      

Dew Drop - Dwarf. Small dark green leaves with a very narrow cream margin. Nice for the small garden.  $8.00

Diamond Tiara - Small. Pure white-margined leaves with a green center grow into a full clump. This compact grower forms a very nice clump with dense clusters of lavender blooms.   $10.00

Diana Remembered -  In memory of Princess Diana, this hosta has dark green leaves with a vibrant white margin, developing heavy substance with nice corrugation. The frosting on the cake comes later in the summer via large, white fragrant flowers!  $20.00

Dorset Blue - Dwarf. A tiny blue with powdery, puckered and cupped leaves. A fine dwarf blue.   $12.00

Dragon Tails - Small.  $24

Dream Queen - Large.  A sport of H. 'Great Expectations.' Large, round corrugated bluish-green leaves have a narrow white center.  Similar to H. 'Thunderbolt.'   $20.00

Dream Weaver -  Medium.  A choice sport of H. 'Great Expectations' with irregular creamy-white streaking in the center of the leaf and a much wider blue-green margin. An improvement on an all-time classic, this hosta has round, corrugated leaves and white flowers.  $20.00

Dress Blues - Small.  $20

Earth Angel -  Large.  A beautifully variegated form of the popular large H. 'Blue Angel.' Large blue-green leaves edged with a fantastic streaky yellow margin change to cream, making this one very spectacular specimen for the shade garden.  2009 Hosta of the Year!   $25.00

Edge of Night - Large. Very erect dark green leaves eventually form a clump that may grow to immense size in good soil. An excellent large green hosta for every landscape and a past award winner.   $12.00

El Capitan - Large. Dark green leaves with a chartreuse margin; leaves are rounded and corrugated.   $14.00

Elvis Lives - Medium. Narrow, wavy and pointed blue-green leaves form a nice arching clump. This variety has a unique form.   $16.00

Embroidery – Small-Medium. One of the rarest, this distinctive variety is reserved for the serious hosta collector. Shiny leaves emerge lighter in the center, fading to all green later in the season and margins are "gathered" or "stitched," creating a drawstring effect.   $50.00

Emerald Tiara - Small. Glowing, bright green leaves display a darker green margin. The opposite variegation pattern of ‘Golden Tiara’. Showy when planted in groups, this strong grower blooms heavily.   $10.00

Eskimo Pie -  PP# 16,290  Medium.    A new and exciting sport from H. 'Northern Exposure'. Leaves are large, round and puckered and have a narrow layer of green between the yellow center and blue margin. The leaf center fades to near white and the streaks within the leaves turn apple green later in the season.  White flowers.  $24.00    

Eternal Flame -  Medium.  This is a selection from H. 'Whirlwind' that holds its white center long into the growing season.  Leaves have a beautiful twist and have very good substance.  $24.00

Fair Maiden - Medium. WOW! One of our favorites! Leaves have a very streaky cream edge with dark gray-green centers. This striking variegated form of ‘Amber Maiden.’ is definitely for the front of the shady flower bed. We grow it best in deep shade.  A must for every hosta garden!   $15.00

H. 'Fair Maiden'

at Shades of Green

Fan Dance - Medium. Beautiful yellow leaves with a narrow green margin; leaf center turns creamy white with more sunlight. This is a very showy hosta that is prized for the collector! This one-of-a-kind hosta should be more widely used.   $16.00

Fantabulous - Medium.  Dark green pointed leaves are edged with a very crisp white margin.  The contrast between the green and white makes this one striking hosta.  Leaves cascade downward, forming a graceful clump.   $20.00  

Fiesta Verde - Small.  $12

Fire and Ice Medium. SHOWY! In our opinion one of the showiest hostas ever introduced. This plant has pure white leaf centers and a very dark green margin with gently twisting leaves. A ‘Patriot’ sport with excellent substance and A HOSTA FOR EVERYONE! Beautiful!   $15.00

H. 'Fire and Ice'

at Shades of Green

Fire Island - $24.00

Fire Opal - $30.00

First Frost - Medium.  We are pleased to offer one of a few new frosty white edged sports of H. 'Halcyon.'  Like 'Halcyon,' the leaf center is blue but 'First Frost' is nicely edged in light yellow early in the season, changing to white by mid-summer.  But, don't wait until the first frost to add this beauty to your collection!  $24.00

First Mate - Small.  $24

Flemish Sky - $30.00

Formal Attire - Large. A very handsome hosta with wide, creamy margins that eventually turn white; leaf centers are green. A good grower with good leaf substance. Hard to find.   $15.00

Fortunei 'Albopicta' - Medium.  This older variety emerges bright yellow in the spring with a streaky dark green margin, remaining attractive into mid-summer.  It closely resembles a smaller form of montana 'On Stage'.  Leaves turn a uniform green mid-summer.  $10.00    

Fortunei ‘Aureomarginata’ – Medium. Good for general garden use and mass planting, broad dark green leaves are edged in gold.   $8.00

Fragrant Blue - Small. Smooth, heart-shaped, chalky, powdery blue leaves emerge all season long.  A choice small blue selection with near white slightly fragrant flowers.   $15.00

Fragrant Bouquet - Medium. Beautiful! Unique apple-green leaves with a wide, irregular near white margin. A very good grower with very fragrant, large funnel-shaped white flowers in August. American Hosta Growers selection for 1998 Hosta of the Year!   $15.00

Fragrant Dream - Medium. This is a brand new sport of H. 'Fragrant Bouquet' that originated in Holland.  Leaves have  an irregular creamy yellow margin that changes to white by mid-summer. Similar to it's parent but darker green leaves; fragrant near white flowers in late summer.  A nice addition to the collection of fragrant blooming hostas.  $20.00

Fragrant Fire - MediumThis unique and new hosta variety has several attractive features.  It is a variegated form of 'Old Faithful' with elongated green leaves edged with a creamy yellow margin.  The leaf and flower stems have a  beautiful reddish tones and the clump has an upright growth pattern.  Leaves are glossy in appearance, which always draws attention from visitors.  $25.00   

Francee - Medium. A true classic. Forest-green leaves with an even, narrow pure white edge. An excellent ground cover or mass planting hosta. Tolerates sun well. A favorite with our visitors.   $7.00

Frances Williams - Large. Another classic hosta. Large, rounded and puckered blue-green leaves have a light green edge which later turns gold. Justly popular.   $9.00

Fried Bananas – Large. This new hosta has glossy, golden leaves and quickly forms a large mound.  It does take more sun and displays large, pure white fragrant flowers in August. Nice planted with ‘Guacamole.’   $18.00

Fried Green Tomatoes - Large. A fast growing dark green hosta with large, very fragrant white flowers. This hosta complements ‘Guacamole’ and ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ in the landscape.   $16.00

Frosted Jade - Large. Frosted jade-green leaves have a streaked, pure white margin, forming a beautiful commanding clump. A very garden worthy montana variety.    $15.00

Fujibotan - Medium.  This choice hosta may have plain green leaves, but it is prized for its fully double lavender flowers which bloom in abundance.  Mature plants may produce nearly 50 flowers per stem, making this a variety grown for its flowers alone.  New to the U.S., this hosta originated in Japan and is named in reference to Mount Fuji.  $18.00  

Geisha - (aka 'Ani Machi') Medium. Beautiful polished, narrow, twisted leaves with a green border; splashed chartreuse center. Our display clump is truly admired by every garden visitor. This hosta tolerates more sun.   $12.00

H. 'Geisha'

at Shades of Green

Glory - Large. Highly rated. Heart-shaped, slightly ruffled, bright yellow leaves form an eye-catching mound. A super gold!   $18.00

Gold Drop - Small. A fast growing small gold; great for edging. Blooms heavily. Complements ‘Abby’ very well.   $5.00

Gold Edger - Small. Another small gold. As its name implies, this hosta is good for edging.   $5.00

Gold Regal - Large. With its nice upright growth habit; this stately specimen is a rapidly growing gold. It develops a soft, powdery finish and needs more sun to retain its gold color.   $10.00

H. 'Gold Regal' growing with Japanese Iris (ensata)

at Shades of Green

Gold Standard - Medium. A classic hosta with a yellow leaf center and a green margin; leaf center fades to near white with more sun. This hosta is very beautiful when planted in groups in shaded areas.   $7.50

Golden Friendship -  Medium.  This sometimes difficult to find hosta features rounded, cupped leaves that are held horizontally.  Interestingly, the color is light dependent, meaning the leaves tend to be light green in shade and chartreuse to gold with more light.  $40.00

Golden Scepter - Small. A very rapid growing gold. The all gold form of ‘Golden Tiara.’ A nice edger to lighten up dark areas of the garden. A good hosta for general use in the landscape.   $5.00

Golden Sculpture - Large.  This is a specimen hosta that will grow to a large size.  Leaves have nice veining and corrugation and the plant has upright form, contrasting nicely with smaller and variegated hostas.  $28.00

Golden Tiara - Small. This small plant has medium green heart-shaped leaves that have a narrow light green to gold margin and quickly forms a compact, symmetrical clump. Tolerates some sun.   $5.00

Grand Prize - Small.  This hosta has won awards!  A sport of 'Grand Tiara' but with a leaf margin that is wider and lighter in color.  Overall, the color, vigor and overall appearance of this variety will create interest in any garden!  $20.00

Grand Slam - Medium.  This is a solid green hosta that forms an attractive mound.  The prime feature is the smooth, medium heart-shaped leaves that have a nicely rippled margin, giving this variety a unique appearance and a very special place in the shade garden.  $30.00

Grand Tiara - Small. Excellent! A super new hosta with a wide chartreuse edge and a narrow dark green center; forms an eye-catching mound. A rapid grower, this is another "must" for every garden!   $10.00

H. 'Grand Tiara'

at Shades of Green

Great Expectations - Large. BEAUTIFUL! Puckered blue leaves with a center of light green and cream. Outstanding! No garden should be without this beauty. It’s a real favorite here! Requires morning sun for best variegation pattern. Grows best in mid-west soils.    $16.00

H. 'Great Expectations'

Green Eyes – Dwarf. A very showy hosta.  Each wavy yellow leaf has a narrow green edge. Leaves are quite ruffled, making this a real eye-catcher!   $16.00

Green Gold - Medium. Dark green leaves have a narrow yellow margin that eventually turns white.   $8.00

Green Velveteen - Large. Large, shiny leaves of light green with deep veining. A highly rated green background hosta.  Sorry, not available for 2007.   $12.00

Guacamole - Large. MAGNIFICENT! Beautiful chartreuse leaves display an irregular darker green margin. Large, very fragrant, whitish flowers bloom on firm stems in August.  This standout grows rapidly and tolerates some sun. We highly recommend this beauty. One of our very favorites, sure to be noticed in every garden!   Selected as 2002 Hosta of the Year!  $16.00

H. 'Guacamole'

 at Shades of Green

Guardian Angel – Large. A new specimen hosta that is a sport of ‘Blue Angel’. It has the same large mounding form, but leaf centers emerge cream in spring, and change to all blue later in the season.   $25.00

Hacksaw - Small.  $22

Gypsy Rose -   Medium.  If you love H. 'Striptease,' you are sure to love this new hosta.  This is a mutation from 'Striptease' that has a brighter leaf center.  Overall, this special variety has beautiful form and should be sited where its variegation can be appreciated.  A very new and unique addition to any garden that is sure to get attention!  Please inquire with us about the availability of this hosta.  (Limited $24.00


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