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Radiant Edger - Small. Dark green leaves with wide gold margins; good growth rate.. A complement to ‘Gold Edger.’   $16.00

Rain Dancer - Large.  $25

Rainforest Sunrise - Small.  This amazing new introduction has a vivid golden leaf center edged with an irregular dark green margin.  The contrast between the two colors is very showy.  Leaves also have outstanding substance, forming a compact clump for a smaller hosta variety.  Light lavender flowers on strong stems appear in early summer.  Inquire with us about the availability of this hosta.  $24.00

Rascal - Large. Forms a vase-shaped clump of gold foliage with chartreuse margins; A beautiful sport of ‘Gold Regal.’   $18.00

Raspberry Sorbet - Small. Lance-shaped, very glossy, olive-green leaves on speckled, dark reddish leaf stems; Tolerates more sun.   $18.00

rectifolia 'Chionea' - Small.  Foliage is white-margined, smooth and grows upright.  Its unique feature is its broad leaf stems and nearly oval leaf tips.  $10.00 

Red Hot Poker - Medium.  $28

Red October -  Medium.  This is one new hosta we are very excited about!  The bright red petioles (leaf stems) extend slightly into the foliage, making this a highly sought after variety.  Long, pointed deep green leaves with a silver-white underside and red stems create a display of colors!    In early October, there is quite a show as they are topped with many tall red-purple scapes and many medium lavender flowers!  $20.00

Regal Splendor - Large. Handsome! Frosty blue-gray, broadly lance-shaped leaves have a yellow margin that later turns creamy white. An excellent companion plant to ‘Krossa Regal.’  Congratulations, 'Regal Splendor', you were selected as 2003 Hosta of the Year!   $15.00

H. 'Regal Splendor'

at Shades of Green

Remember Me -  Medium.  This pleasing new hosta is a mutation from hosta 'June' with a striking pure white center, surrounded by a contrasting two tone streaky green margin.  Named in honor of Sandy De Boer, who died of breast cancer in 2001, the Michigan nursery where she was employed will donate a portion of sales to the Breast Cancer Foundation for each plant sold.  Outstanding and worthy.  $18.00

Reptillian – Medium. With maturity, this unique variety develops puckered frosty blue leaves with a piecrust edge; thick substance.   $22.00

Revolution - Medium. Unique!  White-centered leaves are margined with dark green.  The center of each beautiful leaf has very distinctive green speckles and splashes.  $22.00  

Rising Sun - Large.  This hosta will bring a splash of light into the landscape when planted with a bit more sunlight.  Leaves are of good substance and have inverted cupping (appear  pushed up in the middle), providing interest.  $22.00    

Risky Business -  Wow!  This is one very classy new introduction and probably the best new addition to our listing in several years.  If you like 'Striptease' you will love this hosta!   A pure white leaf center will sustain all season and is surrounded by wide, deep green margins.  Good vigor and growth rate add to the attributes of this hosta.  Lavender flowers grace this variety in mid-summer.  This hosta must be seen to be appreciated.  $28.00

Robert Frost - Large. Very large, heart-shaped, flat dark blue-green leaves with a wide, very irregular yellowish-white margin turning white; leaf has a powdery coating. Good substance.   $24.00

Royal Flush -  Medium.  The color combination of this hosta variety is what makes it unique.   The olive green leaf center is edged with a wide, streaky butterscotch-yellow margin.  A 'Fortunei' mutation, this variety has remained rare on the market.  $24.00

Royal Standard - Large. Rich, shiny green foliage and huge, very fragrant white flowers. Grows in full sun or shade.   $8.00

Royalty -  Small.  A unique and rare variety, this small hosta has pointed, lightly ruffled light green leaves that change to light yellow with more sunlight.  The overall plant form is very nice, it stays low and spreads out, with a compact form.  $18.00

Sagae - Very Large. AWE INSPIRING!!! Very large, frosty green spade-shaped leaves with a very bold, streaky yellow margin that turns to cream. This grand hosta has an upright, vase-shaped growth rate. In its maturity, this plant makes a statement like no other. Stunning! American Hosta Growers selection for 2000 Hosta of the Year!   $20.00


H. 'Sagae'

Saint Elmos Fire - Medium.  Displaying a color all its own, this is the brightest hosta to emerge in early spring.  Leaves are very bright gold and have a white margin.  Older leaves become light green while new leaves continue to emerge yellow, giving this plant a two-tone effect.  $20.00

Salute - Medium. Narrow, very pointed , frosty blue leaves that form a compact, upright vase-shaped clump. New and unique.   $18.00

Satisfaction - Large.  Very showy.  This large hosta displays dark green wedge-shaped leaves with a wide gold margin.  Leaves are held horizontally, have prominent veining and a slightly wavy margin.  $30.00

Scooter - Small. A rapidly growing hosta with dark green leaves and a creamy white margin. Good for the front of the garden.   $14.00

Sea Fire -  Medium.  This hosta emerges a glowing gold and gradually changes to yellow, depending upon the amount of sunlight it receives.  Leaves are pointed and develop puckering with maturity.  A bright addition to the shade garden.  $18.00

Sea Lotus Leaf - Medium. Blue-green, nearly rounded leaves are cupped and puckered; forms an upright clump. Unique.   $15.00

Sea Thunder - Medium. Leaves have a creamy center that turns white in summer and a streaky green margin. Lovely.   $15.00

H. 'Sea Thunder'

Second Wind - Medium. Very dark green, shiny, leathery round leaves of excellent substance. A mutation of ‘Whirlwind.’   $15.00

September Sun - Medium. Yellow leaves with a green margin which darkens in summer. A sport of ‘August Moon.’   $12.00

Shade Fanfare - Medium. Chartreuse leaves are surrounded by a wide, creamy edge; leaf center turns yellow with more sun; a vigorous grower. A great hosta for many uses in the landscape.   $8.00

H. 'Shade Fanfare'

at Shades of Green

Shiny Penny -  Dwarf.  Small, heart-shaped leaves emerge a shocking gold color in early spring, changing to a copper color later in the summer.  A bright addition to the list of miniature hostas that are so popular today.  $20.00

sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ - Very Large. Large, rounded blue-gray leaves are cupped and deeply puckered. A classic blue.   $10.00

Silk Komono - Medium.  A montana type hosta with elegant gray-green leaves edged in cream.  The leaf margin changes from yellow to cream throughout the summer.  Leaf margins are elegantly rippled, adding to the overall appearance of this hosta.  $24.00

Silver Bay - Small.  Blue-silver leaves of great substance make this this variety quite unique.  New to the market, the leaves of this hosta are very thick and corrugated.  Beautiful heart-shaped leaves form a compact clump, setting this plant aside from most others.  Blue is nice, but silver-blue coloration is even better.  $24.00  

Silver Threads and Golden Needles - Dwarf. $35

Sleeping Beauty - Medium.  New and exciting, this is another sport of the very attractive frosty-blue hosta 'Halcyon' but leaves have striking cream margins, which widen as the clump matures.  It is rare to get this color combination in hostas, we sure like the appearance of this one.  $24.00  

So Sweet - Medium. Oval, green leaves emerge with a yellow border that turns to white; large, very fragrant pale lavender flowers.   $10.00

Spilt Milk - Medium. Suitably named due to its green, heart-shaped leaves brushed with streaks and splashes of white and gray markings that give an appearance of  "spilled milk" on the leaves.  The margin is often darker green; leaves wrinkled and textured. Rare.   $30.00

H. 'Spilt Milk'

Squash Casserole - Large. Oval, heavily veined chartreuse-gold leaves with a lightly rippled edge; quickly forms a large clump. A recent introduction that tolerates sun very well when kept moist.  A nice contrast of gold foliage and purple flowers.   $18.00

Stained Glass - Large.  This is one of our new favorites at Shades of Green.  'Stained Glass' emerges with bright coloration and prominent veins and maintains a brilliant color combination of gold leaves edged in green.  Large, fragrant near white flowers bloom in August with a good growth rate and sun tolerance.  Selected as 2006 Hosta of the Year$24.00

Stetson - Medium. Green leaves are surrounded by a wide irregular creamy yellow margin; leaves folded, similar to a hat brim.   $15.00

Stiletto - Dwarf. Very narrow, wavy dark green leaves have a thin white margin.  This hosta is always admired by visitors due to its unique form.  Excellent for borders and the edge of the garden.   $12.00

Stitch In Time PP#18,061 - Small.  $45

Striptease - Medium. Dark green leaf margins with a gold center; a tiny white "strip" separates the green and gold areas. In demand due to its intriguing appearance. A collector’s hosta that was chosen as 2005 Hosta of the Year$20.00

H. 'Striptease'

at Shades of Green

Sugar and Cream -  Large.  A variegated form of 'Honeybells' with the same wonderfully fragrant large white blooms. The leaves are medium green with a wide creamy white margin and develop a wavy margin. This hosta is sun tolerant and will quickly develop into a large, attractive clump.  $10.00

Sum and Substance - Very Large. MAGNIFICENT! Leaves are rounded, turning chartreuse to gold. Individual leaves may measure two feet. Forms a spectacular clump that will easily reach six feet wide--or more--when mature. You must see this hosta to believe it! Every beginning hosta collector should have at least one.   Selected as 2004 Hosta of the Year!  $15.00

H. 'Sum and Substance'

at Shades of Green

Sum It Up – Very Large. A green centered, gold margined sport of the huge hosta ‘Sum and Substance’.    $30.00

Sum Of All -    Very Large.  This giant sport from 'Sum & Substance' is medium green with very wide gold margins. The size and color of this beauty make a very spectacular specimen!  $22.00

Summer Breeze -   Medium.    A sport of H. 'Summer Music'.  Dark green centers are outlined with very wide golden edge. The margin will fade with more sunlight.  A very showy hosta!  $20.00

Summer Fragrance -   Large.  This is a general use hosta with white margins on green leaves. Fragrant summer flowers are lavender in color.  $12.00

Summer Joy - Medium.  This rare variety is similar to 'Great Expectations' in appearance.  Leaves are creamy-centered and margined with blue and green with near pink flowers.  Attractive!  $50.00    

Summer Music - Medium. This beauty has large, oval to heart-shaped leaves with pure white centers that are bordered by a two-tone yellow and chartreuse margin. Very elegant!   $20.00

Sun Power - Large. A choice gold hosta. Pointed and twisted bright gold leaves hold their color well with some sun; upright vase-shaped growth habit.   $12.00

H. 'Sun Power'

Sunlight Child - $22.00

Sunlight Sister – Large. A bright lemon-yellow hosta that turns gold and tolerates more sun. Leaves have good substance.   $20.00

Sunshine Glory - Large.  This hosta has a nice color combination of limey-chartreuse leaves edged in gold, later changing to cream.  With maturity, the large leaves display intense puckering.  $24.00   

Super Nova -   Large.  A reverse H. 'Frances Williams'. Blue-green margins on gold centers. Leaf is chartreuse in early spring, changing to medium gold by summer. Near white flowers.  $24.00

Sweet Home Chicago -  Medium.  A sport of 'Birchwood Parkys Gold' with a gold center and a wide darker green margin.  The subtle coloration in variegation makes this an attractive hosta sure to capture your eye.  $24.00

SWEET Innocence PPAF - Medium.  $25

Sweet Tator Pie - Medium. Bright gold, shiny blade-like leaves with wavy edges; fast growing; good substance.   $20.00

Sweetie - Large. Yellow-chartreuse oval to heart-shaped leaves with a wide, creamy ivory margin; fragrant flowers. A spectacular hybrid of ‘Fragrant Bouquet.’ Tolerates some sun.   $20.00

T-Rex - Large.  This hosta may just be green, but it is sure to grow to gargantuan proportions.  Everyone needs at least one huge hosta specimen, but the name alone makes it a fun plant for children to plant and watch mature!  Sometimes people generically refer to huge hostas as "Elephant Ears" and the large leaves of 'T-Rex' sure fit this description.  $25.00  

Tambourine - Medium. Beautiful blue-green, heart-shaped leaves with a wide creamy margin; a vigorous grower; forms an upright clump. Reddish-purple leaf stems provide interest.    $14.00

Tattoo PP#11,603Small. Distinctive! A very rare hosta with golden leaves each having an imprint, or "tattoo," in the center similar to a maple leaf. A sport of ‘Little Aurora’ with lavender flowers.    $30.00

Teeny-weeny Bikini - Dwarf.  $22

Thunderbolt - PP#14,232 Large.  $22

Tick Tock - Small.  This new sport of 'Gold Drop' assures us it will have very compact form.  Small, pointed yellow leaves are surrounded by a darker green margin, making it an excellent choice for a specimen in the front of the border or used as a small edger plant.  Large masses of lavender flowers in mid-summer.  $24.00  

Titanic PP# 12,402 – Very Large. This promising new introduction features huge dark green leaves with a very wide gold edge. We anticipate this as one of the best sports of the popular ‘Sum and Substance’.   $25.00

Tokudama ‘Aureonebulosa’ - Medium. Heavily textured and cupped chartreuse leaves are edged in streaky blue-green; similar to ‘Blue Shadows’ but variegation pattern is more prominent.   $18.00

Tokudama ‘Flavocircinalis’ - Medium. BEAUTIFUL barely describes this choice plant. Leaf centers are blue-green with irregular gold margins. Variegation is similar to ‘Frances Williams’ but plant size is smaller. A grand choice for every shade garden.   Tim's favorite hosta!   $15.00

H. Tokudama 'Flavocircinalis'  


Touch Of Class PP# 13,080 Medium.  This hosta is a tetraploid variation of 'June' but with a very wide blue-green border and a gold "flame" in the center of each leaf.  This sharp new tetraploid form of the popular ‘June’ emerges in the spring with intense blue leaves and a gold flame in the leaf center. The leaves have a very thick substance and are held upright.   $24.00     

Toy Soldier -  Small.  Quite new to the market, this is sport of the classic hosta 'Blue Cadet' that forms a neat mound of blue heart shaped leaves each having a unique bi-colored cream and green margin. Dense clusters of light lavender flowers cover the clump in June.  $20.00

Twilight PP# 14,040Medium.. A very showy sport of Fortunei 'Aureomarginata' with dark green centered leaves and a very wide creamy margin; very heavy substance.   $18.00

Twist Of Lime - Small. Yellow leaves are bordered with a narrow green margin. A fine small hosta with a good growth rate.   $14.00

Unchained Melody -  Large.  Very large shiny green leaves with a wide yellow to cream border and near white flowers in June.  New to the market, so be sure to add this to your collection; sure to develop into a beautiful specimen clump.  $32.00

undulata 'univittata' (variegata) - $6.00

Vanilla Cream - Small.  The brightly colored heart-shaped leaves of this hosta brighten up darker areas and provide nice contrast to variegated hostas.  Leaves emerge a bright chartreuse and continue to lighten up as the season progresses.  A rapid growth rate and dense clusters of lavender flowers in mid-summer make this a good hosta for use as a ground cover or edger.  $10.00

ventricosa - Large. Very glossy, dark green, heart-shaped leaves are twisted towards the tips; a good companion plant to ventricosa ‘Aureomarginata.’   $10.00

ventricosa 'Aureomaculata' - Medium.  This is the medio-variegated form of the plain ventricosa hosta which emerges in early spring with a two tone light green center, which changes to all green by mid-summer.  $12.00   

ventricosa ‘Aureomarginata’ - Large. Another beautifully variegated classic hosta. Has the same ventricosa characteristics but with a wide, irregular yellow margin that turns to creamy white.   $11.00

venusta -   Dwarf.  Incredible neat dwarf hosta with teardrop-shaped leaves that stays very small and compact.  A very good grower that tolerates sun and fits nicely in the front of the bed.  $12.00

Verna Jean - Dwarf.  Leaves are small, light green, lance-shaped to oval with an irregular ivory margin. Another cute hosta for the rock garden or front of the border.   $12.00

Veronica Lake - Small. Leaves are blue-green, heart-shaped with a tasteful creamy white margin; vigorous growth rate. A new sport of ‘Pearl Lake’ and a real eye-catcher in our display beds!   $12.00

Vim and Vigor -  Very Large.  Not just another green hosta!  This hosta is grown purely for size.  It is a fast growing green form of 'Sum & Substance' with huge dark green leaves that are shiny. If you want to impress your visitors, be sure to add this to your collection!  Probably one of the largest hostas available.  $20.00

Warwick Choice Large. Heart-shaped, extended green leaves are edged in pure white and form a lovely mound; white flowers.   $25.00

Warwick Curtsey - Small. Leaves are heart-shaped, emerge blue-green and have a wide, streaky yellow margin. Grows rapidly.   $16.00

Warwick Delight - Small. Leaves have a creamy-white center and streaky two-tone green margin. A hybrid of ‘Blue Moon’ with excellent substance; forms a striking, compact clump.   (Limited)  $30.00

Wheaton Blue - Large. A blue-leaved sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’ with blue, heart-shaped leaves; lavender flowers.    $8.00

Whirlwind - Medium. This hosta stands alone in the garden. It’s very exciting to watch, especially early in the growing season. Twisted leaves emerge yellowish with dark green margins; leaf center changes to white throughout summer. Admired in our display beds.   $20.00

H. 'Whirlwind'

at Shades of Green

White Christmas - Small. Pure white leaf centers with green, wavy margins; leaf slightly twisted; centers turn cream by mid-summer; does best with good morning sun; light lavender flowers.  Inquire with us about the availability of this hosta.   $15.00

Wide Brim - Large. Green, heart-shaped leaves have a wide, irregular cream margin; grows rapidly.   $10.00

Wolverine – Medium. EXCELLENT! Narrow, pointed blue-green leaves are edged with a wide golden margin and form a graceful arching clump, making it suitable for edging or mass planting. ‘Wolverine’ has an excellent growth rate. WOW! One of our favorites.   $15.00


H. 'Wolverine'

at Shades of Green

Wylde Green Cream -    Small.    A fabulous sport of H. 'Vanilla Cream' with gold centers that are outlined with dark green margins to create stunning contrast.  Leaves are somewhat cupped and have outstanding substance.  Very nice.  $24.00

Yellow River - Medium. OUTSTANDING! One of our highest rated hostas! Large, thick wedge-shaped, gracefully pointed dark green centered leaves have a distinctive yellow margin. Leaves have great substance; a montana type of unmatched beauty!   $15.00

H. 'Yellow River'

Yellow Splash Rim - Small. Unique, oval to egg-shaped green leaves with creamy edges; interesting form.   $8.00

Zippity Do Dah -   Large.  A selection from 'Abba Dabba Do' with twisted green leaves with showy white margins a-that have a nice wavy edge.  This fast grower stands tall, making it nice for use as a background specimen.  It is sure to grow into a large plant, so place this one where you want it to stay!  $20.00

Zounds - Large. A bright yellow-gold hosta with heavily textured heart-shaped leaves. This rich gold will brighten up shady areas of the landscape. A good companion to blue hostas.   $10.00


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